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photo of a sugarglider hanging from a limb

Sugar Glider

Recommended Food

Scientific Name:  Petaurus breviceps

Higher Classification: Petaurus

Size: up to 8.5 inches

Weight:  95 - 160 grams.

Gestation Period:  15 - 17 days

Coloring: The sugar glider’s fur is a

blue-grey to brown grey above with  a dark

stripe that extends from the middle

of the head to the mid-back

region. The tail can have a white

tip whereas the squirrel glider never

has a white tip. The face of the sugar

glider is blunter than the squirrel glider as

well. The glider is about the size of a rat, the

tail is about the thickness of a human thumb and

is slimmer than the squirrel glider.


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