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Photo of a Zebra Finch perched on a limb


Scientific Name:  Taeniopygia

Distribution: Australia, Indonesia and East Timor, Northern Hemisphere, Africa

Weight:  10-16 g

Size:  Approximately 4 inches in length

Distinct Markings: Finches come in a amazing variety of colors and patterns. There are many finch species available, and zebra finches, Gouldian finches and society finches are long-time favorites. Feather coloring ranges considerably. Zebra finches display plumage ranging from black-breasted or orange-breasted with gray cheeks and vibrant cresting to recessive silver feathering and penguin-like patterns. Gouldian finches usually have solid-colored primary feathers that include a rich rainbow of hues.


All variants of the finch species have developed 12 tail feathers and 9 primary feathers and are strong gliders.

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