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Photo of a male and female Cockatiel perched on a limb


Scientific Name:  Nymphicus hollandicus

Distribution: Australian continent

Weight:  88-178 g

Size:  12-14 inches in length

Distinct Markings: Fifteen different cockatiel color mutations are currently established in aviculture, including grey, pied, pearled, cinnamon, white-faced, lutino, albino (a.k.a. whitefaced lutino) and yellow-cheeked cockatiels. Mutations in captivity have emerged in various colors, some quite different from those observed in nature.


There are many mutations of cockatiels with

varied colours, they are: silvestre, harlequin,

lutino, cinnamon, opaline (pearl), cara black,

silver, fawn, albino (there is a pattern and not

just albino genetic mutations), pastel, silver

and recessive silver dominant.



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