Subfamily: Loriinae
Distribution: Australia, Indonesia & South Pacific
Weight: 30-300 g
Size: 8-14 inches in length

Distinct Markings: Plumage color varies with the species and ranges from red, blue, yellow, green, violet, and olive brown.

The popular rainbow lory has a yellow collar with blue crown, cheeks and forehead as well as a red chest barred with black and thighs yellow barred with green.

There are 12 genera of lories and lorikeets with 56 species and numerous subspecies. The most common pet species is the red lory.

Lories and lorikeets are brilliantly colored, highly active and playful. They are distinguished from other parrots by their brush tongue, utilized for feeding on nectar and pollen. Their feces are more liquid than most parrots and are excreted in a projectile manner making them messy and often inappropriate for housing indoors. They thrive in outdoor aviaries.

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