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Photo of a white-fronted Amazon parrot perched on a limb

White-Fronted Amazon

Scientific Name:  Amazona Albifrons

Distribution:  Mexico, Central America

Weight:  350-600 g

Size:  10-11 inches in length

Distinct Markings: Overall dark green plumage

edged with black, with lighter green on breast and thighs. Forehead white, crown blue, cheeks and

around eyes red. Edge of wing red with white, with

blue secondaries and dark blue tips. Tail green with lighter green tip, underside light green. Eye ring and

feet light grey, beak yellow.


Amazons are short heavy bodied, stocky birds.

Most species are predominately green with

red, yellow, blue, white or orange markings.

Amazons are well known for their ability to

mimic words and phrases.


Amazons are very intelligent and lively, sometimes hyperactive birds. Young hand-raised amazons adapt readily to their new surroundings and can usually be handled by anyone. Mature amazons tend to form strong bonds to a single person, often adopting that person as their "mate" and showing aggressive behavior towards others.


Other types of amazon parrots include the double

yellow-headed, lilac-crowned, orange-winged,

red-lored, blue-fronted and yellow-naped.

DIET: Amazons should be fed a formulated (pelleted or extruded diet) as a basis for good nutrition. The diet should be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables daily to add variety and psychological enrichment. Treats may be given in small amounts especially as rewards for good behavior.


Due to a tendency to become obese in captivity, amazons should be fed restricted calorie diets (low fat). During the non-breeding season Fresh clean water must be provided every day. Vitamin supplements are not needed for birds which are eating a formulated diet. Pretty Bird manufactures special low fat diets which are appropriate for most amazons.


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